Gran Canaria Workshop Tackles Offshore Wind Energy Challenges

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria recently hosted the third sectoral workshop on offshore wind energy under the MSP-OR project, which focuses on maritime spatial planning in outermost regions. Organized by the Biodiversity Foundation and the Directorate General for the Coast and the Sea, with support from the Canary Islands Government and various scientific institutions, the event attracted 60 participants from public agencies, the blue economy sector, and academia.

The workshop highlighted the significant potential of marine renewable energy in the Canary Islands, particularly offshore wind power. With six high-potential areas identified across Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Tenerife, the region stands out for its favourable conditions for wind energy generation. However, the discussions underscored the need for careful planning to ensure that wind energy development is compatible with environmental protection and other maritime activities.

Safety and regulatory challenges were a major focus, with experts from Capitanía Marítima de Las Palmas and ENAIRE discussing the implications of wind farms for maritime and airspace safety. The workshop emphasized the importance of integrating these considerations into the planning process to facilitate the sustainable growth of the offshore wind sector.

Overall, the workshop stressed the need for coordinated efforts across various sectors and levels of management to advance offshore wind energy in a way that balances development with environmental and socio-economic considerations. The findings from this workshop will contribute to more informed maritime spatial planning and support the responsible expansion of renewable energy in the Canary Islands.

21 Jun 2024